In Provincetown!!!

The Beachcomber Boys: A Reading by Playwright Myra Slotnick and Composer Peter Stopschinski


WHENFriday, April 22, 7pm


PRICEFree and open to the public

Join Provincetown playwright Myra Slotnick and Austin composer Peter Stopschinski for a reading of their musical, The Beachcomber Boys, in conjunction with the Beachcombers Centennial exhibition here at PAAM.

“The Beachcomber Boys” is a fictional tale of the historic true-life fraternity of painters and poets and novelists and playwrights who, since 1916, have gathered each and every Saturday night for an evening of rollicking good fun and certain debauchery, in a not-so-disclosed decrepit location, on a spit of sand jutting out to the sea, known as Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The story, set in 1953, amidst the Hollywood Blacklist, touches upon the intersection of art, literature, fame and family, and the disappointment of failure, in work and love. Driven by this, seeming, male dominance, it is also propelled by the powerful force of the women who orbit and confound their lives; words are tossed and hearts are wrecked and the foghorn blows and the wind whips and the bells chime!

And art is made.

“The Beachcomber Boys” is an age-old fishing village “love storm” and, as such, has an emotional rip-tide, where some swim safe to shore…and others are pulled out to sea.


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