Music Directing Cabaret at The Mary Moody Theater

Happy to be music directing the classic musical Cabaret with St. Edwards University.  Greta students and professorship there, very supportive.  Also, who doesn’t want to work with Danny Herman and Rocker Versatique?  Lovely!!!


FROM BROADWAY WORLD: Directed by Danny Herman, with choreography by Herman and Rocker Verastique, this excellent staging utilizes the unique Theater in the Round setting of MMNT to transport the audience into the seedy, dreary and desperate world of the Kit Kat Club with aplomb. With the interesting decision to place the orchestra not in one place but scattered throughout the top of the audience seating areas, and to utilize every bit of playing space the theater has to offer, they manage to seamlessly immerse us into this story and keep us there until they choose to release us back to reality

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