Golden Hornet Projects 3rd Annual Young Composer’s Concert

These concerts will blow your mind.  I have had the pleasure of co-hosting each year and I am always moved and very impressed by the compositions of these students.  And of course GHP always gets top notch musicians to perform the pieces in a relaxed atmosphere.  this is the text from the Golden Hornet website:

Our 3rd Annual Young Composer Concert presents nine new works from Austin-area youth ranging between ages 9 and 18. Writing the new works under the guidance of professional mentors, each piece will be performed by local ensemble  Tetractys, between brief interviews with the composers. It will include works inspired by the musical legacy of Leonard Bernstein, in collaboration with Bernstein 100 Austin. 

In memory of young composer Draylen Mason, the concert will be dedicated in his honor. It will include vocal dedications from peers and mentors as well as a performance of his work "Hellfire," which he composed for the 2nd annual concert last year. We welcome you to join us in creating a space for reverence amidst the musical community in remembrance of his vibrant demeanor, undeniable talent, and endless potential. 

Nine New Works by:
Ayden Machajewski
Fiona Gehrke
Helen Lundy
Melody Richards
Ian Shaw
Sel Hoxie
Katelyn Rodrigues
Cassidy Peña
Reese Niemitz


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