Fixing Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida March 8-31, 2018 @ Zach

This is my favorite of the Fixing Shakespeare series so far.  Its so good and the cast is really great and the direction is to lovingly crafted.  You will have a blast.  Kirk outdid himself on this adaptation. If you go to the webpage HERE you can read more AND it plays a song I co-wrote with John R. Christopher who plays Achilles in the show and he is singing and it is so great. He came up with the melody for the first half of the song and sang it into his phone then i took that and made and accompaniment to go with it and wrote the rest of the song. The recording is so fun!

Written by Kirk Lynn
Direction by Alexandra Bassiakou
Music by Peter Stopschinski


Warning: Lots of “F” bombs.

Fixing Troilus and Cressida is the third installment in our Fixing Shakespeare series.

Taking place in rotation with our Contemporary Classics series, our new series, Fixing Shakespeare will make William Shakespeare's least produced works useful again. Ask yourself how many Shakespeare plays you know or have seen, subtract that number from thirty-seven (depending on who you ask), and those are the plays we are working to fix using our patented performance creation methodology, contemporary English, and adding curse words. (Shakespeare cursed plenty, but most Elizabethan curse words have lost their spice. Zounds!)

In some ways, we're offering you a more authentic experience of what a new Shakespeare play might be like than an actual Shakespeare play. In other ways, not so much.

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