I’m playing at Church of the Friendly Ghost @ Salvage Vanguard Theater.

My good friend and great pianist, Willis G. Miller, and I will bring his Kinda Blue/Goldberg Variations Original Piano Sample Pak and play Well Tempered Klavier, Rite of Spring, and improvise in EXTREME different tunings.

Last week I went to hang out with my friend Willis G. Miller at his place in Hyde Park where I got a demonstration of his newly purchased sample pak or the piano that Bill Evans played on Kinda Blue which also happens to be the piano that Glenn Gould played on his 50’s Goldberg Variations recording.  I’m sure many amazing pianists played it over the years.  He was playing Bach’s Well Tempered Klavier and had created some settings for different tunings that Bach may have used.  We went on to create random tuning schemes that became more and more extreme, some notes tuned as much as an octave from its original pitch.  We’d take turns creating a new tuning then we’d improvise in C major and it would sound completely amazing.  You’d play the note C on the keyboard but hear an F quarter sharp an octave and a fourth above that C. D would be F# and E would be middle C etc.  Sometimes we’d get tunings where C would become D but D would stay D and E would also sound like D so the C major scale would sound D-D-D-F-G-A-B.  You get the picture.

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