MOTHER FALCON and my Re-Write of the Rite of Spring CD

PETER STOPSCHINSKI and MOTHER FALCON each perform sets and then join forces to present PETER STOPSCHINSKI’s RE-WRITE OF THE RITE OF SPRING.  I will have a limited number of advance copies of my new Rite of Spring Re-write CD available for sale.


I spent my spring break coming up with solo piano adaptations of each movement of the first part of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.  Eric Roach helped me record all of these and I intended to make a small run of CD’s of this solo piano adaptation of the Rite of Spring.

In the summer I had the opportunity to arrange the first 25 minutes for percussion ensemble featuring Chuck Fischer, Tom Burritt, Owen Weaver and Graham Reynolds at a percussion ensemble concert presented by Golden Hornet Project.

StravinskyIn the meantime friends of mine, Van and Kelli Hoisington, offered to help fund a CD of that percussion version so I ended up arranging the entire first part for percussion ensemble and producing a CD of that version.

The band MOTHER FALCON then commissioned me, through their manager John Reide, to arrange 25minutes of my Rite of Spring Re-write for their huge band which has violins, cellos, bass, drums, accordion, bassoon, multiple saxes and trumpets and guitars and I’m playing piano. Its going to be massive and I’ll have my new Rite of Spring Re-write CD’s on sale.  Yes!

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