Erin Ivey at the Long Center Rollins Theater

Erin Ivey has the most lovely voice both physically (expressed with her clear bell like sound) and her spiritual voice (expressed through her lyrics and vocal expression).  I have heard her name around town but never had the pleasure of hearing her.  Now, through Chuck Pinnell (film score composer and guitarist extraordinaire), I am proud to say i’m currently playing piano for her and we just had an really fantastic gig at the one of Austin’s loveliest venues.  It also happened to be our first gig as a band!


imagesOur band is amazing and we have a very cinematic sound.  Every musician is killer and a pleasure to play with.  Steve Schwelling – Drums, Chris Afflerbough – Upright Bass, Chuck Pinnell – Guitars, Peter Stopschinski – Piano, and of course Erin Ivey – Guitar/Mandolin

Music writer Jim Caluguri posted on social media right after the gig: They were subtlely fabulous and the 1st great local show of the year!  Album coming soon…



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