Editing Shakespeare and Verdi for Melbourne

Totally immersed in this commission from Gertrude Opera in Melbourne, Austrailia:  Re-orchestrate and edit the hell out of Verdi’s opera based on Shakespeare’s MacBeth.


McBeth could be your neighbour, the odd guy up the road with a McMansion and his own business...Mr & Mrs with an aptitude for glory led by an appetite for destruction...vandalised opulence...menacingly beautiful.
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Gertrude Opera has commissioned a 're-imaging' of Verdi's score by US composer, Peter Stopschinski - orchestration for electric violin, electric guitar, trombone, double bass, keyboard and percussion - and will bring a 21st century aural sensibility to Verdi's sublime melodies. In our first co-production with Monk Parrots (NYC), a cast of 12 will present a 70minute version, sung in English.  Set in fantasy modern Scotland where every day is All Hallow's Eve, in the Underground Cellar at Mitchelton winery, with Australia's most revered Verdi baritone, MICHAEL LEWIS OAM, in the title role.

Artistic Director: LINDA THOMPSON

Director/Designer: LUKE LEONARD (USA)

Verdi 're-imagined' by Composer PETER STOPSCHINKSI (USA)

Violent themes - PG*
All tickets $60

Its so much fun taking the red pencil to “the masters”.  I don’t know why I put it in quotes.  Those guys are pretty good and my love for MacBeth and the music Verdi wrote for it has come into full bloom.  There is some amazing music in there plus: the re-orchestration includes electric guitar!  Its totally messed up.  I have about 2 months to complete the score.  Its going quickly and I can’t wait for the premier in Melbourne in September.  Thanks to director Luke Leonard and artistic director and Lady MacBeth Linda Thompson.  Boom.  international baby.

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