Selected C/V

Peter Stopschinski – Composer, Performer 2015

Selected C/V



The Calico Buffalo (music/lyrics Peter Stopschinski, book/lyrics E.J. Stapleton)

“Best In Fest” Audience vote 2015 New York Musicals Festival.

The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence (play by Madeleine George, incidental music and song by Peter Stopschinski)

Finalist Pulitzer Prize for Drama 2014

Winner John Gassner Award 2014

Mozart’s Requiem Undead (produced by Golden Hornet Project, Peter Stopschinski Artstic Director)

“Best Choral Performance” 2014 Austin Critics Table Award

“Best Vocalist” 2014 Austin Critics Table

I’ve Never Been So Happy (music/lyrics Peter Stopschinski, book/lyrics Kirk Lynn, created by Rude Mechs)

“Outstanding Production, “ and “Outstanding Direction” – 2011 B. Iden Payne Awards

“Production of a Musical”, “Music Direction”, “New Play Award”, “Ensemble Performance” – 2011 Austin Critics Table

“Best of 2011” – Los Angeles Times, Charles McNulty

New Play Development Program award – 2008 National Endowment of the Arts

Grupo Fantasma- El Existential (string arrangements and organ, Peter Stopschinski)

Grammy Award for “Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album”

Now Now Oh Now – Rude Mechs. Austin Critics Table Best Theatrical Event 2013

String Quartet Smackdown – Golden Hornet Project 16 Bracket String Quartet Competition. Best Classical Music Event 2013 Austin Critic’s Table Awards.6th Symphony – “Best Symphonic Performance” – 2010 Austin Critics Table

1 of 5 composers accepted to New Dramatists and Nautilus Composer/Librettist Workshop – 2012

1 of 4 composers cited as Top Composers in the Austin Chronicle – 2012

Bright Now Beyond (book by Daniel Alexander Jones, music by Bobby Halverson)

Best Production, Comedy 2015 Austin Critic’s Table award

Am I White playwright Adrienne Dawes. Peter Stopschinski – Composer/Sound Designer

Winner 2015 David Mark Cohen New Play Award

Finalist 2012 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference



Rude Mechs – Company Member – 2008 to present

Composer “I’ve Never Been So Happy” and “El Paraiso” (winner “Best Musical” 2003 ACT Awards)

Monk Parrots Theater Company NYC – 2012-present Composer

Wank Tribe – 2014-presentGraphic Scores by rock musicians.

Brown Whörnet – Piano/Sampler/Bass/Vocals/Percussion, Songwriting – 1994 to present

8 -piece experimental punk rock big band with regular local gigs, recording, and national touring.

Golden Hornet Project (501c3) – co-Founder and co-Director – 1999-2015

Dedicated to the presentation of new compositions for classical instruments by living composers (Alt-classical)

Chablis – America’s Alt-Cunt Sensation. 2005-Present. Alternative Country. Songwriter, singer, fiddle, piano.

Aaartfystte – Bass/Keyboards/Vocals – 1994 to present. Experimental/performance/hardcore 2-piece.

Improvised and composed comedy rock/country duo with regular gigs. Album. DVD.




Full Length CD’s

Peter Stopschinski “Catalogue of Spiderfarts” art book, album, and live performance (2015)

Peter Stopschinski “Vacation With Stravinsky or The Massacre of Spring” Graphic Novel and Album (2014)

Peter Stopschinski – Now Would Be A Good Time (2013)

“I’ve Never Been So Happy” Cast Album (2011) – Soundtrack to the musical.

Peter Stopschinski – Symphony #6 “Rough Night w/ Happy Ending” (2010) – Pecan Crazy Records

5 movements for string orchestra with piano, percussion, and featuring harp.

Space Ducks (2013) Daniel Johnston album and graphic novel. Peter Stopschinski – keyboards.

Dissonant Romantics (2010) – A dance score recorded live for viola, keyboards, bass, drums, and guitar.

Modern Masters – Family Library (2009) Pecan Crazy Records

A collection of avant-garde classical pieces composed by me but attributed to fictional composers.

Peter Stopschinski – Chamber Music (2007) – Pecan Crazy Records.

A collection of various pieces from violin solos to chamber orchestra.

Brown WhörnetValamaranaro (2006) – Bent Over Cowboy Records

Arrangements or Performances for Other Artists

Grupo FantasmaString arrangements and organ on the tracks Montanozo, Cumbianchera from the album El Existential (2010) Which won the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Alternative/Latin Album.

Golden Arm Trio – Difference Engine and Duke which reached Top 5 on the CMJ music charts.

Lambchop –

String Arrangements on the tracks Kinda Ruff, and Mr. M from the album Mr. M (2012)

String arrangements on the tracks The Decline of Country and Western Civilization, and Prepared from the album Damaged (2006)

Natalia Klavier String Arrangements on the single Fear (2011)

Lick LickBass guitar on the album Good Touch Bad Touch (2011)

Echocentrics –

String arrangement on the track It’s Not Too Late (2010)

Piano on North Carolina from the album Echoland (2010)

DJ Spooky –

Flute on the track Intro- The War of Ideas and Measure By Measure (2009)

String Arrangements on the tracks Dazed And Confused Dub, No Quarter Dub, and Cognitiva, featuring Emah (2009)

Brownout! – String arrangement on the track C 130 from the 45″ single (2009)

Blanche –

String Arrangements on the track What This Town Needs from the EP What This Town Needs (2006)

Stringtracks A Year From Now and I’m Sure Of It from the album Little Amber Bottles (2006)


A Shadow of Light – Texas Choral Consort (2011) – featuring my track Orff’s Good Fortune, a re-imagining Orff’s O,

Fortuna! as a lullaby.

Viola By Choice (2009) – featuring my track Funky Vla for string quartet and viola, played with a guitar pick.

Indy Route Austin (2007) – featuring Brown Whörnet’s track Stepdad’s Cane.


22 Short Noise Films – Aaartfystte – (2009)

The Adventures of Prince Achmed – Brown Whörnet – Silent Film with original Score (2007)

Nosferatu – Brown Whörnet (2008)




A Scanner Darkly – (Assisted composer Graham Reynolds) d. Richard Linklater (2006)

Original Independent

RARA AVIS: The Life of John James Audubon (2015)

            directed by two time Academy Award Winner Al Reinert

Bombardment Postponed – d. Luke Savisky (2009)

A live multi-projector film with live score by myself and Graham Reynolds

Living Springs (2015) – Interactive Documentary about Barton Springs. Karen Kocher – director. Peter Stopschinski –             contributed music.

NYC Marathon – d. Wyatt Phillips (2008)

Chickenfüt – d. Harrison Witt (2007)

Attack of the Monster Bride – d. Vicky Boone (2006)

Original Scores to Classic Silent Films

The Unholy 3 directed by Tod Browning and starring Lon Chaney (2012)

The Lost World – Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (2011)

Metropolis – Fritz Lang (2010)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – starring Lon Cheney (2008)

Nosferatu – F.W. Murnau (2008)

The Adventures of Prince Achmed – Lotte Reiniger (2007)

Beyond The Rocks – starring Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino (2009)



Ariel Dance Theater

The Grand Theory of Everything In-Between (2011)

Flush (2010)

Gyre (2006)

Two Left Feet – Human | Animal (2009)

Spank Dance Company – You’re My Favorite Color (2007)


Monk Parrots

            Bum Phillips All American Opera (2014) produced by Monk Parrots at La Mama and scheduled to be performed                                     September 2015 at the Stafford Center Houston, TX

            Welcome To The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (2015) produced by Monk Parrots and scheduled for October 2015 at                                     59e59 Theaters

Rude Mechs

Match Play – (based on the work of Deborah Hay) – Composer (2015)

Now, Now, Oh Now – Composer/Musical Director (2013-present)

Fixing King John

I’ve Never Been So Happy – Composer, co-Lyricist, Music Director, Performer (2007 – 2011)

El Paraiso – co-Composer, Performer (2002)

Intergalactic Nemesis – Jason Neulander – Performer – improvised piano accompaniment on themes by Graham Reynolds (2007/09)

Daniel Alexander Jones

Bright Now Beyond – (music by Bobby Halverson book/lyrics by Daniel Alexander Jones) based on the book by L.                                     Frank Baum

Radiate – Daniel Alexander Jones aka. Jomama Jones – musician (2012)

Am I White (Adrienne Dawes – Playwright 2015) Peter Stopschinski Sound Designer/Music Director

Difference Engine (Workshop) – Salvage Vanguard (2007) – Provided incidental music for this play by Dan Dietz.

100 Heartbreaks (book/music/lyrics Joanna Garner) – Peter Stopschinski Music Director. Nominated 2015 Best Production, Comedy.

National Passtime (2013) Pianist/Music Director

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (2013) Pianist/Music Director







Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (2014) Premiered at the 2014 American Harp Association with The Louisiana Philharmonic             and Peter Bay conductor. Elaine Barber was the solo harpist.

Six Symphonies (2000-2010)

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra. Full Orchestra and Solo Viola (2000)

Concerto For Rock Band. With Brown Whörnet and Full Orchestra (2004)

Three Student Symphonies (2000-2010)

Piano Solo

GHP Children’s Piano Book (2002)

Fugues on TV (2010)

Sonata (2009)

6 Sonatinas for Lana (2008)

Piano Chamber Music

Delicious Food – Viola, Piano, And Bass

Book 1 (2007), Book 2 (2008), Book 3 (2009)

Beethoven and Mike Dickle – Violin, Cello, and Piano (2009)

Spiderfarts Engraved – Organ, Flute, Cello, Guitar, and Piano, Drums (2007)

Twin Streams (xylophone and piano) (2006)

Weak Stream – Drums, Xylophone, Vibraphone, and Piano (2006)

Schostakovich Centennial – Trombone, Violin, Cello, Vibraphone, Bass, Piano, Drums (2006)

String Quartets

Associated With The Lost World Silent Film (2010)

Performed with DJ Spooky at SXSW (2010) with String Quartet and Electronics

Three Multi-movement String Quartets (2000-2009)

Solos and Duos

PVC by GHP for Violin, Cello, Electronics, and Piano in Surround Sound (2009)

GHP Honeymoon Concert for Flute and Cello (2007)

Samurai Duo (also known as Percussion Duo or Snare vs. Bass) (2006)

Twin Streams (also known as XP) version for piano and xylophone (2006)

Big Band

Big Band Book 1 – Six Pieces for Big Band (2007)

Big Band Book 2 – Seven Pieces for Big Band (2008)

Percussion Ensemble

10 Pieces for Percussion Ensemble 3-5 Players (2000-2010)




Accompanist, Assistant Orchestra Director, and Assistant Choir Director at the Austin Waldorf School – 3rd through 12th grades since 1999.

High School and Middle School composition teacher at Austin Waldorf School since 2002

Composition/Music Theory teacher for Austin Chamber Music Center since 2004.

Composed a full-length musical based on A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens for the entire Austin Waldorf High School student body on commission.

Co-organized and composed for Austin Chamber Music Center Summer workshop Finale Concert 2009 on commission.

Composed a concert with Graham Reynolds for McCallum High School Orchestra 2010 on commission

Curator for the BEAT THE RUSH series at the Blanton Museum of Fine Arts.


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